Light & Comfort Concept


We combine high performance raw materials in order to provide high-tech products with reduced weight and volume, excellent habitability and smart energy consumption.

Carbon Hybrid

The most important innovation used in DEFSHELL structures is the CARBON HYBRID: An aluminium profile reinforced with special carbon fibers.


Comparing two profiles with the same load performances, dimensional differences are evident between the traditional aluminium profile (A) and the Carbon Hybrid reinforced with fibres (B).

In B profile, plates of carbon fibre have been inserted in critical positions, in order to increase mechanical strength and decrease weight and volume.


  • Less weight up to -35%
  • Less volume up to -50%
  • Outstanding durability
  • Structures easier to assemble and disassemble
  • Lower transportation costs


Thermocanvas membrane increases insulation and comfort by reducing the transmission of heat radiations.

The silver colour treatment on the surface, increases environmental comfort and brightness avoiding at the same time the unpleasant PVC smells.

Official customer tests have detected, with an external temperature of 36 c°, an internal tent temperature of only 28 c°. (With air conditioning OFF)

In Thermocanvas tents thermic transmission (U) is reduced by 50% in summer and 35% in winter compared with the traditional PVC tents.

Thermocanvas strongly reduces the energy needs.