Every DEFSHELL structure can be supplied “turnkey” with our accessories.


DEFSHELL photovoltaic panels provide the highest performance in terms of lightness, flexibility, power, time resistance even in presence of difficult environmental conditions.



G&G Partners, has undertaken the study and the development of its own Energy Saving System named “SMART ENERGY” consisting in photovoltaic panels for the production of electrical power to equip the range of Defshell products.
The “SMART ENERGY” system produces electricity by way of ultra light and flexible photovoltaic panels located on the roof of the Defshell tents and is completed by “POWERBOX” needed to turn the energy impulses into immediately available electric power.

Power Box 4 Power Box 10


DEFSHELL LED lighting systems combine energy saving with an improved light quality and luminosity.

They are easy to assemble, practical when coming to the substitution of the original lighting pool and they require a reduced maintenance.



Electrical supply for both heating and cooling.


Modular flooring systems standard and foldable.

Eletricalsystems and switchboards

Complete and customized electrical systems. Compact and easy to transport switchboards.